Triathalon Wetsuit Repair

Recent wetsuit repair completed at Technical Equipment Cleaners.  The item arrived with torn neoprene material on the calf of this wetsuit.  These types of repairs can be super tricky.  Not all wetsuit repairs are doable?  It all depends on material and type of damage, and damage to what area of the wetsuit.  Usually it is the zipper that fails, back or front.  Triathletes rip these things off quick, and they’ll tear at the seams or other locations…hence our repair request here.


We were able to glue this wetsuit cleanly and effectively.  Stitching inside the calf/leg, or sleeve area is really difficult and usually takes a specialty machine.  Glue worked like a champ for this repair!


A good stretch to test the work!  Stitching here can compromise the material and create a “check book” type line of weakened material that rips again the first time stretched.  Glad this didnt rip again…or tear!  Sometimes it works great…and sometimes they dont. The triathlete’s wetsuit is repaired and ready for the next race!