Mid Season Tune Up

Well it’s been a wild season across the West with record storms record power outages and more to come.  Here’s a shot from Alpine Bowl Chair looking east at the inversion over Lake Tahoe. 

To get to these conditions it’s taken 300 inches plus of snowfall which is around 300 inches of shoveling and snow blowing and powder shralping goodness!

Your outerwear is taking the brunt of these storms.  Hardshell jackets have done the work during the mixed precipitation events and heavy duty down and synthetic insulation jackets have been working overtime in blizzard conditions as well. 

Chairlift grease gets thrown around too from our favorite uphill chariots!

All in all it’s been a great start to the season, and if the second half is like the first…..get your shovels ready…And #keepitclean at #tectahoe